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Board Report - Nov 2018


Nov 14th, 2018

Faculty report to the board of governors – November 27th 2018

Faculty are concerned about the implementation and implications of new policies.

The Code of conduct policy has generated a great deal of conversation and unrest around the interpretation of “perceived conflict of interest, or personal benefit”. Many faculty are concerned that the policy intrudes too far into their personal life, asking them to reveal aspects of their personal business or risk very severe sanctions. Another difficult aspect of the policy is the responsibility to disclose the perceived actions of others and the potential damage to workplace relationships. Many faculty are concerned that the policy could lead to disciplinary actions without representation.

There is unease among faculty concerning the rapid rise in foreign student enrollment. The College administration seems to be aware of many concerns and is working to provide support for both students and faculty.

The shared management system continues to have growing pains in the eyes of faculty. As the implementation develops, faculty are still asking who is responsible for what. The problem seems to be most severe where people new to the college have moved into leadership roles and the roles are less well defined.

Faculty continue to be restless concerning the on-going negotiations process. The negotiating team felt the reduction in pay for casual employees was an item that should be brought to the bargaining table, when we were unable to agree on that point we felt compelled to seek a ruling from the labor board.

Communication between the College administration and Faculty is strong. Our direct contacts are approachable and our discussions are frank and productive. We have confidence that together we can work to solve issues as they arise to the benefit of the broad college community.


Kevin Wiber

Mike Mayo