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Dec 2018 - News Letter

December 2018
Lethbridge College Faculty Association Newsletter

*Faculty Forum on International Students
*Collective agreement article explained
*100 Days survey results
*Ron MacDonald Fundraiser
*Labor Board Complaint
*General meeting
In response to faculty concerns International Services has agreed to hold a Faculty Forum on International Students. The forum will take place in the Fredrick’s Theater, Tuesday the 18th of December between 9 and 10:30 am. The reactions we are hearing in the Faculty Association offices indicate many faculty in their frustration are not aware of the supports being developed by International Services, and International Services needs to hear directly from faculty about their concerns. Please make a point of attending and speak up on the issues.
There was recently a notice from scheduling that in the New Year they will be scheduling blocked classes at the same time in the same classroom where possible. This is an improvement faculty have been seeking for some time. However providing enough space in appropriate classrooms means they will have to schedule classes from 8 am to 6 pm.

  • Scheduling is preparing for the creation of the 2019-20 academic timetable and there will be an important change to note that will impact some faculty. We will be scheduling between 8 AM - 6 PM and using fixed patterns for the next schedule cycle. This means that courses that are scheduled twice a week in 1.5, 2, or 2.5-hour deliveries will be scheduled at the same time and in the same room. The fixed patterns will be used for programs that do not have compressed schedules to accommodate practicums, specific space requirements, or courses that are scheduled for more than 5 hours per week. There will be no institutional block off on Fridays from 2-4 PM which will allow us schedule Friday’s more effectively. We will consult with service areas and plan that an appropriate level of services are available to students to cover the 8-6 scheduling.

Your Faculty Executive felt it was important to point out that according to the current collective agreement article 13.9, unless voluntarily agreed by the Faculty Member, no Faculty shall be assigned a teaching schedule spanning more than nine (9) hours in a day. This means you need to work with your associate dean to ensure you’re scheduled appropriately. It does not mean it can’t happen but you should be consulted and you need to approve the circumstances as they apply to you.
The 100 day survey on the distributed leadership model has been concluded. Our effort to test a new survey tool have not been very successful. The tool has been very restrictive and the reports generated are very general. As faculty have pointed out there are some inconsistencies in the way our questions where presented.

The results of the survey are not dramatically conclusive. The empirical evidence does seem to support the general feeling that centers where people have moved up from inside have had an easier transition than those areas where the management team is new to the college. Specifically numbers were highest in the center for Business Trades and Apprenticeship and the Center for Justice and Human Services. The Executive Leadership Team are currently working on those areas.

Some comments were personal and very critical of individuals, which was not our intent in developing the survey. The survey was intended to provide insight into the faculty perception of the distributed leadership model. There is a great deal of value in the majority of the comments and we will follow up with ELT on those issues. Thank You for your participation in the survey.
The Ron MacDonald Emergency fund has received a welcome injection thanks to Leslie McCoy and all who contributed time, energy and books to the book sale. Thanks to everyone who participated. Watch for news of a Taco in a bag coming up in the New Year.
Negotiations have been long and a great deal of work. As usual we hesitate to share incomplete details but suffice it to say the negotiations committee have been putting in lots of time and effort to defend the most appreciated components of the collective agreement. The college is also working hard to meet board and government mandates. Other colleges in the province who have settled have seen settlements of 0% and a second year at 0% with a potential wage reopener. It is a tough climate for all of us at the negotiating table.
The labor board complaint is moving to a resolution conference February 19th unless a settlement on the issue is achieved at the negotiating table. Talks are progressing to find a suitable resolution.
Cheryl continues to be the bearer of good news on the financial front. The first installment on our defense fund has been invested! Cheryl continues to encourage fiscal responsibility and the association financial position is improving. Cheryl will have more to report at the general meeting in January.
While you are busy marking and preparing for the upcoming classes as well as Christmas, please keep these guidelines in mind.

How long do I need to be absent from my usual work place before I send formal notice through My Horizons? 

Greater than ½ day (>4 hours). 
As a courtesy to your students and your colleagues, email your Administrative Support team member with CC to your supervisor prior to your absence if possible, including contact information in case of emergency. 

What if I’m occasionally off campus for less than ½ day (<4 hours)? 

You need not necessarily submit an online leave request but you must communicate with your supervisor and Administrative Support team member, making sure they have your contact information in case of emergency or in the event you are needed for participation in department activities (meetings, student issues/inquiries, tours, etc). 

What about occasionally working from home? 

We understand the need sometimes for working off campus (ie. marking, research, or other college-related work). Your supervisor needs to know about it and how to reach you. Time worked from home is still considered working hours and, as such, you need to be available by email and/or phone to handle inquiries, questions, etc.
Please add our next General Meeting to your calendars. January 28th at 4:15 in the IB Theater.
As the fall semester winds to a close your executive council would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kevin Wiber 
Lethbridge College Faculty Association President

Instructor Automotive Service Technician / Heavy Equipment Technician
Ph. 403-320-3202 ext. 3264
3000 College Drive South, Lethbridge, AB T1K 1L6

Leadership and transformation

Mike Mayo