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Board Report - Sept 11th, 2018

Faculty Report to the Board of Governors September 11th 2018

Faculty have returned to find new faces, new processes and new procedures. With change comes nervous uncertainty. Faculty has concerns about workload and the implementation of the new shared management system. We have reminded faculty that these are developing as the process unfolds. There will be some extra work, and patience required on the part of members, as new people in strategic positions learn the college and develop the new management system.

Faculty have noticed increasing class sizes indicating progress toward the 4500 by 2020 initiative. It is also encouraging to see added seats in programs such as CIT, and the renewed retention efforts adding to our student numbers.

Negotiations have paused through the summer but the atmosphere seems to be collegial and cooperative. Our negotiating team is looking forward to getting back to the table.

The new faculty executive has had very good communication with the senior management team and we look forward to working together to face the challenges of the upcoming year.

Kevin Wiber


Lethbridge College Faculty Association

Mike Mayo