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LCFA Board Report - Jan 2019

Board of Governors Report – Jan 2019 Faculty have grown more comfortable with the code of conduct policy. The association was surprised at a town hall meeting, to hear that the college needs to address 1077 disclosure documents. Lethbridge college faculty association recognizes roughly 375 members, including our sessional faculty. The college organizational chart shows 374 non instructional staff including administration. Faculty are curious who comprises the remaining third? Faculty continue to be concerned with the increase in foreign students. The international team has provided excellent opportunities for open dialog and continues to work toward solutions, however Faculty are concerned that the direct effect on instruction and classroom dynamics will affect domestic students and the reputation of the college while the solutions are being developed and implemented. Faculty continue to have concerns regarding the distributed leadership model. Several of the new people put in place have elected to leave the college and faculty are concerned about the optics related to the turnover rate in administration. At the same time administration continues to react to the issues as they arise and seem to be making progress in the development of the structure. Where the faculty association has generally been made aware of complaints, we are now beginning to hear positive comments about this process. There are rumors of developing curriculum that is better suited to university transfer which calls into question the qualifications of our faculty. Faculty have been removed from long term teaching assignments with this justification. As an association we believe faculty should be given the opportunity to upgrade in a timely fashion rather than replaced. Faculty continue to be suspicious of ongoing negotiations. Many associations at institutions across the province are feeling the same discomfort. Changes from the PostSecondary Learning Act to the Labor Relations Act have created some new bargaining conditions, including the complaint currently before the labor relations board from our own college. Discussions at the budget preparation meeting with Minister Schmidt indicate government involvement in negotiations has impacted bargaining across the province. Faculty have concerns, however the association overall seems to be quietly and efficiently working in the best interest of the students we serve. While we continue through the issues and concerns we want to once again recognize the communication and productive discourse we have enjoyed with Lethbridge College administration over all.

Sincerely, Kevin Wiber

Mike Mayo