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Elections 2019/20 and Beyond

Faculty Association Elections

Our annual AGM is rapidly approaching (May 6th, 2019)! 

We are looking for people willing to serve their Faculty Association in the following capacities:


·         V.P. Finance for a two-year term

·         Constituency Rep for Constituencies #3, #4 and #5 for a two-year term

·         And the following positions are open, each for a one year term

·         One (1) person for the Respectful Campus Committee

·         Three (3) people for the Occupational Health and Safety Committee

·         Two (2) people for the Professional Standards Committee

·         Two (2) people for the Student Appeal Committee and One (1) person for Student Appeal Alternate

·         Three (3) people for the Bylaws Committee

·         Two (2) for the Academic Council Alternates


Please note:  Elections will be held for the Negotiations Committee along with V.P Negotiations & Welfare once a new Collective Agreement has been signed.  The committee is made up of the following 


·         V.P Negotiations & Welfare

·         Six (6) Constituency Reps; One (1) from each constituency plus the Casual/Term Certain/DL representative.  

The Negotiations Committee serves for two (2) contracts.

Please consider letting your name stand for one of these positions. If you wish to put your name forward, contact Mike Mayo with your intentions. If you would like to nominate someone, please put their name forward to Mike and he will contact that person directly to ensure they are open to having their name stand.

Mike Mayo