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Casual Grid Communication

On behalf of Lethbridge College Human Resources & the LCFA

As you may be aware, Lethbridge College and the Faculty Association have been in bargaining over the last year. A Memorandum of Agreement has been reached and will be presented to the faculty for ratification in the fall.  This includes a change to the casual (sessional) grid effective July 1, 2019. As preparation for the Fall 2019 term has started, we have agreed to implement the new casual (sessional) grid prior to ratification to alleviate adjustments that would need to be done mid-term. Having said that, please note that if the proposed agreement does not ratify, adjustments back to the original grid will be made. 

We are communicating this change at this time as you may notice your Fall casual appointment letters are slightly different than before.  Please know that all details of the new grid and the proposed agreement will be provided to you at a Faculty Association meeting prior to ratification. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Lethbridge College Human Resources

Lethbridge College Faculty Association

Mike Mayo