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Labour Board Complaint

Labour Board Complaint

The LCFA would like to provide some information about a recent development.

During the current semester some of you have been aware that administration has decided to alter compensation for casual contracts.  This was not agreed too, nor bargained by the LCFA.  

The decision to change how casual contracts are compensated has negatively affected some of our members, and after numerous attempts by the LCFA to have this brought to the bargaining table, management has not agreed to halt these changes.

As a result of their decision to press forward with these changes the LCFA felt the need to file a Labor Board Complaint under section 147 which dictates no changes to conditions of employment can be implemented while bargaining.  There is an opportunity for faculty to provide independent information to the labor board, please contact the faculty office if you feel you have pertinent input. 

We are hoping for a positive outcome from the Labour Board, and will continue to work to ensure your rights are protected.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the LCFA offices at ext. 3217.

Thank you,

Kevin Wiber, President 
Kerry Edwards, Vice President of Welfare and Negotiations 

Mike Mayo