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January 2019 - News Letter

A message from your LCFA President.

Faculty Newsletter          January 2019

*General Meeting
*ELT report
*Pre-budget meeting
*Labor Board Complaint
*By-Laws “MOTION”

General meeting Monday January 28th IB1104 4:15
Please attend

Welcome back after what we hope was a relaxing break over the holidays. Now it’s back to the excitement as we work into 2019.
Things in the faculty office have been relatively quiet. We have not met with ELT since the last report but there are a few items left from before the break.
I attended a budget preparation meeting with the minister of Advanced Education, Marlon Schmidt Friday January 18th in Calgary.  The meeting brought together representatives of many faculty associations from the south portion of the province to discuss the upcoming budget and post-secondary education. The concerns raised by the larger group echoed our issues and concerns. Issues raised included; the lack of full time continuing opportunities for sessional or casual faculty, Government influence in the bargaining process, significant growth in administration, opportunities for efficiencies and the potential impact of the upcoming election on post-secondary education.
The Labor Relations Board complaint is still waiting for resolution, February 19th is the next step in the process. There have been reports of further adjustments on new contracts, please don’t hesitate to share that information with Mike in the faculty office.
The By-laws committee has been working hard. The Constitution is almost ready to present to faculty, once that is done the group will move into the By-laws. As many of you realize, updating these documents is a big undertaking. The committee has put more than 200 hours into the project so far. There is an issue with moving the new document into service. The current bylaws require notice of motion at the general meeting in order to ratify the document at the annual general meeting. We recognize the significant time required for adequate discussion and don’t feel this time can be allotted at a regularly scheduled meeting. After discussion at the By-laws meeting, and further discussion at the executive council it was decided to ask for an exemption due to the dramatic nature of the renovation of the bylaws. Our request would be that we be allowed to present the updated Constitution and By-laws a minimum of 20 days before a special meeting called to deal with ONLY the constitution and bylaws. We felt this would allow adequate opportunity for faculty members to review the new document, raise any concerns and discuss solutions before ratification. The following motion will be discussed at the general meeting January 28th 2019;
MOTION; Move that the By-laws committee in conjunction with Executive council be allowed to convene a special meeting for the sole purpose of discussing, and ratifying the updated Constitution and By-laws.
Please attend the general meeting and be prepared to voice your concerns or support of the motion.
Negotiations is still moving slowly. The meeting with the minister indicated this is common across the province. The province has mandated no new spending to control costs and as a result we are struggling to find common ground. The committee is working hard to work out details that will be beneficial.
Cheryl continues to provide the best news, reporting a strong financial position. She will complete her report at the general meeting.


Kevin Wiber
President, Lethbridge College Faculty Association

Instructor Center for Trades

Automotive Service Technician / Heavy Equipment Technician
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3000 College Drive S., Lethbridge, AB T1K 1L6

Mike Mayo