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Board Report - June 12th, 2018

Faculty report to the Board of Governors June 12th 2018

The year has ended for members of the faculty association with a measure of uncertainty mixed with anticipation for the upcoming year.

Faculty are concerned about the change from the post-secondary learning act to the Labor relations act and the effect it will have on the negotiations process. The current economic climate creates uncertainty for everyone. Faculty are apprehensive about a changing leadership structure and the process to put new people in place and establish suitable assignments. The process has left many faculty wondering what their assignments will look like in the upcoming year.

At the same time we have elected a new team to faculty leadership. Cheryle Meheden will once again serve as the Vice president of finance, Kerry Edwards will return as the vice-president of negotiations and welfare, Ryan Kaupp has been elected to the position of Vice President Administration and I have been elected to serve as the president of our association. In addition there are new representatives on the executive council who will contribute a great deal. Faculty are excited to take the best work done by the previous leadership and build on those accomplishments. We look forward to excellent relationships between college leadership, including the board, and our association. As the faculty leadership team we will work towards a thorough understanding of the implications of the changes. The faculty administration will work to strengthen communication with the college administration to help our members understand the impact of the economic conditions and the new distributed leadership model.

Although there are concerns, the faculty are eager to serve our students in the upcoming year and help the college realize our mutual goals.

Thank You for the opportunity to speak to you on behalf of the faculty.

Kevin Wiber


Lethbridge College Faculty Association

Mike Mayo